Thursday, 18 December 2014


Christmas is a time for family... The MC is just that, and so when we decided to plan something for our SL family get together, a few of us gathered at our home to celebrate Gator Style...
Soda had planned a secret outing, and I had been cooking up a little secret santa present swapping session. There were gifts under the tree, which you can still pick up if you missed out on them, and if you weren't there, here is some of what you missed LOL...
Blake's back and that means photos like this can happen. YES he was back to being his naked self, spreading a little holiday cheer LOL... ZombieSanta, aka HellBone, got to have lots of naughty biker chicks on his knee and as he was Santa, Jimmy and I became his little reindeer lol... Even the event planner of the hour, Solde, became a Santa minion dressing as a little Christmas elf...
As you can see, total Gator Madness, but that wasn't all... OH NO, Solde had planned a trip to go, ICE SKATING!!!!
So we took the craziness out of the clubhouse and headed over to a gorgeous iceskating location... Shame that the people managing it were a bit crap, but otherwise the skating was fun...
A perfect way to spend some time with the family this Christmas!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

It's been so quiet!

It's been so quiet around the MC as of late as people are dealing with RL, the holiday season and a million other things, but I wanted to share some of our interesting family moments before the holiday season kicks off even more...
Firstly though... BLAKE'S BACK! YAY!!! Welcome back Blake, we all missed you heaps! It's great to have you back with us!!
Now for some pictures...
Kara celebrated her RL birthday a few weeks back, and we planned a party for her. We try to do something themed when we plan these parties, it always makes for a bit of a giggle seeing people dressed up, but this one was an easy one to plan an idea for.
The photo in the middle of Kara is part of the little white lie I told about getting her dressed up for a photoshoot, but as you can see everyone dressed brilliantly hehe... Poor Mike - of Monsters Inc Fame - had not one but two shocks at seeing a couple of our hot ladies hehe...
Wonder if that look that Mike had was similar to the one that Jimmy had on the day when he realised the girls in the MC had started to become part of the furniture LOL...
All in all though, it's been pretty quiet around the MC for a while - as I said before - not sure how long that will last now that Blake is back, but the some of the boys are getting so lazy they stay in their PJs all the time hehe...
And when the random does happen it seems even more shocking LOL...
For example when MeGa went mental and started dancing on a cow, or when HellBone gave TA - mr Mad Dog - his bad porn Christmas present early, or most shocking of all... When KaraD became MONKEYGIRL lol... She was changing out of an avatar, and Hell saw her like this LOL...
Anyway, there is a meeting on Saturday, but if I don't see you before, HAPPY CHRISTMAS LITTLE GATORS!!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Down By The River Rally...

This is a rally with a difference, hosted by neutral "The River" Rock Club, it will be our home away from home for the upcoming few days as the Rally has officially begun!
As always with a Rally, there will be lots to see and do here to occupy your time over the next few days...
There is the customary bike contest to win prizes either by judged or popular vote - please see the notecard in the MC group for more details... There is also a long list of events with DJs, fun and games and the odd concert!!!

Dates: December 3rd - December 6th 2014
LM: The River Rock Club

Wednesday December 3rd 2014: 
10 AM SLT   DJ Stu
12 PM SLT   Shopping Cart Races - River Roadway
  2 PM SLT   DJ Heaven
  4 PM SLT   ACDC Rebel Yell Concert - River Concert Area
  6 PM SLT   DJ Linda
  8 PM SLT    DJ Zowie

Thursday  December 4th 2014:
10 AM SLT   DJ Eyes
12 PM SLT   Scavanger Hunt Begins - And will continue throughout the Rally
  2 PM SLT    DJ Scribe
  4 PM SLT    DJ Boomer
  6 PM SLT   Tank Wars Challenge
  8 PM SLT    DJ Zowie

Friday December 5th, 2014: 
12 PM SLT    Balloon Pop Challenge
  2 PM SLT    DJ Kora
  4 PM SLT    DJ Rick Silverback
  6 PM SLT   Barrel Rolling Obsticle Course
  8 PM SLT    DJ Beast
Saturday December 6th 2014:
10 AM SLT  Bumper Car Challenge
12 PM SLT   DJ Selene & Flee in the Club
   2 PM SLT   DJ Heaven
   4 PM SLT   DJ Rick Silverback
   6 PM SLT  Mega Bot Team Challenge
   8 PM SLT   DJ Zowie

Sunday December 7th 2014:
10 AM SLT  Penguin Tossing Contest
12 PM SLT   Winners in the Bike Show Announced - Trophies Given out
  2 PM SLT   Mud Wrestling
  4 PM SLT   DJ Beast
  6 PM SLT   Concert IN the Club - MOCCASIN CREEK
  8 PM SLT   DJ Zowie