Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fresh Gatorling Meat!

We finally pushed - I mean persuaded but really it was a little push lol - one of our long time friends into joining the family two days ago... Friday Night, the Gators MC found itself some new Fresh Meat!
Welcome to FuzzyAreola, better known as Kiera, who although she has been coming around to the MC for a while now, has taken this long to decide she would like to be one of us!
Introduced to the family by Tink, Kiera is a little fashionista... She aspires to be a model as well as Gator, both of which seem highly achievable for her! She's already feeling like a part of the family, something that didn't take her long...
Now all we need to do is work hard, push her harder and then in a few weeks, who knows... This little Probie could be thrown into the Shark Tank and be put up for a vote!!!
Welcome to the family Kiera!

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