Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Gators MC 2nd Anniversary Parties... Day 1

The Gators MC 2nd Anniversary party was a MASSIVE success this past weekend... As HellBone said in a speech on Sunday, I, like him, am very proud to look at the family and see what we have become. It has been a VERY rocky road in some cases... People came and went, and if they were like Charlie they came back again LOL, but the family now is closer than we have ever been and it's brilliant to see how all of you have grown since becoming a part of the family. Levels of confidence have changed, new skills have been learnt and best of all the laughter is still flowing...
I want to send a thank you to each and every one of you, together we get through the hard times and the good ones are always just around the corner!
Enough of the soppy stuff though, let's discuss this weekend's events... I'll do it Day by Day... Means you all get to see lots more photos that way hehe...
Our awesome event planning lady, Solde, was given a mission by HellBone and Jimmy, to come up with a great event that people would really enjoy. We always bring the party, Gator Style, but this had to be BIG... She went out and brought us back Mr Rob Zombie!
The band came in a blast of smoke, fire and strobe lighting, turning our once peaceful sim into a HUGE Party arena... The Stage was set, the drums in place, and the band was ready to rock...
Gators and friends gathered outside... Rudh fighting with MzHuntress - President of the DDMC - to get closer to the Zombie Action, whilst the others found a good place to get their dancing shoes on!!
The show was great, the friends that joined us were brilliant fun as always and we really opened our birthday celebrations with a HUGE BANG!!!

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