Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Gators MC 2nd Anniversary Parties... Day 2

Time for talking about Day 2... This was a little more of a relaxed affair than the one the previous night... Kept simple with a Valentines Day dance, DJed by our very own Solde and HellBone, and interspersed with just a little Bike Riding hehe... 
The party started, being DJed by HellBone, with a nod towards the Anti-Valentine! He's not very keen on romance, as some of you may have seen by the fact I gave him a bowl of poop for a gift lol - but his DJing skills are very much appreciated!
After a brief intermission, that I will mention in just a moment, Solde took over. Her sexy - although somewhat croaky sick lady at the moment - voice turning the Anti-Valentines into something a little more true to the day's theme!
The party was a small affair... Just our closest allies H&H and the DDMC joining us, but as always it was great fun to have these groups around... HellBone even got some special action from MzHuntress involving a floppy willy and what looks like he was motor-boating her?!
Although she wasn't the only one that was on the receiving end of HellBone's special brand of humour!
As I said though, we interspersed the evening, with something a little special.
This weekend was not only our Birthday, but it was also the Official Opening of the Gators MC's brand new home... The Sim opened officially today, and so we had our first anyone's welcome ride out!!!

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