Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Gators MC 2nd Anniversary Parties... Day 3

Finally it is time to talk about the final day of Gator Birthday Celebrations... This one will be a little more difficult to write and so I apologise for bad grammar and spellings in advance... I think that the best thing to say here, is that in case you missed it, HellBone made a very lovely speech... I share it with you here now, it's his words and it perfectly sums up what we did on our Birthday...

"Thank you all for coming to the Gators MC "Buy a Gator" Auction. 
This weekend is the 2 year anniversary of the Gators MC Worldwide. It has been a long road but we are the happiest and tightest family ever. I am proud to say that each and every one of our members is dedicated and always brings the party, Gator Style. 
One of the things that we felt might be good fun for our Birthday Celebrations was a Gator Auction. Today you can buy yourself a Gator and who knows what trouble you will find yourself getting into! 
But before the fun starts, I would like to share with you some information as to our chosen charity and the reason behind it. 
Some of you may have heard, others may not, but one our sisters recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Named Isis Jane, for the Goddess Isis and her Grandmother, she was born a healthy weight and size, but something went wrong. Baby Isis died in her mother's arms 5 days later. 
As you can think, this loss has cast a dark cloud over the family. We are one in grieving for the loss of our Baby Gator, and even more in the support of those that are left behind. 
It was in the wishes of her mother, that we have chosen our charity for today. The BACA - Bikers Against Child Abuse - is something that fits our Baby Gator who would have become a biker herself, just like her Parents. 
BACA is an organization that is close to all of our hearts. We are standing together to protect abused children, support parents and guardians, and when the authorities are not present, be a warning to the abusers. 
No Child should live in fear. 
For more information about the BACA and all of the good work that we do, I would advise you to check out the website, and if you want to talk to someone please feel free to speak to myself or my RL BACA Sister - Lilian Howley... We will be happy to answer all of your questions. 
For now, please dig deep into your pockets, open those wallets wide, and throw a few linden dollars into the BACA tip jar to raise some money for this brilliant charity in the name of Isis Jane... 
You never know you might even get yourself a date with one of my charming family!!"

That's right, the Gators were to be auctioned off to raise money for a very good cause in the name of Isis Jane. Solde was running the bidding - AMAZING by the way as she had massive PC trouble and couldn't really see anything at all - first selling off Hell's Titan Bike to get the bidders warmed up and then starting on the MC with the lovely Tila!
Bidding was furious... Each member that was on offer - thank you for letting us sell your bodies by the way - went for over 3000L, all of which is going straight to a fantastic cause. I will make sure that as soon as the money is transferred we share the proof of donation with you - Don't want to be accused of cheating people after all - and I'd like everyone to think of just how much help this money will mean.
All of those teddy bears, all the vests and patches and the days out for the children in the BACA family! Not to mention the feeling of support that this will create for the children and their families...
After the auction, the beautiful singer, Moon Spark took to the stage and the Gator's swamp was filled with her amazing voice... At the request of Moon, candles were lit in memory of baby Isis, and songs were sung in her honour too. People danced, they sung and in my own case cried a little, as each of us paid our respects to a life that was over too soon.
Jimmy's memorial fountain to Isis, proved to be a beautiful monument to the lost baby Gator, and for now at least, this will remain in the swamp to help wash away the tears and fears of her Secondlife family...
All in all the event was a total success... We couldn't have pulled it off without the organisational skills of Solde and the participation of each and every one of you that made an appearance this weekend...

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