Friday, 13 March 2015

Time to clear my Gator Photos folder LOL...

Yes folks, it's that time again... Time for Rudh to clear out some of her hard drive with some interesting photos shared and then hidden away for blackmail purposes in the future...
For now, I am going to bypass a certain video - that will come up in the next post - but until then I have one or two things to share with you...
Now one of the things you will always hear the MC saying to anyone interested in joining us is that we don't haze. We don't like to make people feel uncomfortable just to be a part of the family... Luckily though we don't seem to have any problems hazing ourselves...
Normally it tends to be photos of the boys doing crazy things - because well, us girls are either too cool to do the crazy crap the boys do, OR we're just better at not being caught doing it LOL - but KaraD and I had to have a photo of us as the new Barbies... ZomBarbie on the left and Biker Barbie on the right... Anyone want to take us out of the box?
Then I was sent a photo the other day... Athrun was trying to be cool! He was thinking that the people on the AFK board seem a bit like they should be crime scene victims... Today Cop Ath was trying to solve the murder of, is that Tila?!
But here's a challenge Athy... Solve this quadruple murder!
So anyway back to the hazing... When it comes to NOT hazing our probies, sometimes accidents happen! Chelsea and I were giving an interview to Chopper, it was time to get his vest which only Hell can do, and when Chopper put it on, there was something not quite right about it!
He'd accidentally - though as Hell and Chopper have been hazing each other the past few days could have been on purpose - been given the female probie vest! Chopper had BOOBS!
He then didn't help the situation by sitting in the meeting room jiggling his new found toys!
The Hazing really didn't stop there though, there was a LOT more to come... Box Planes were a great example of that... Hell was wearing one, and then a few others decided to join in flying around the track to the sound of neeeeeowwwwwwwwwww...
Of course Hell likes to get in on the Hazing too... Dancing around naked whilst pretending to be a crab this time! It was a truly eye popping experience for Athrun, but that having been said it might have been more eye popping to witness KaraD playing with her "Whip"?! LOL...
Then the Bagel Racing Started, and the boys realised that it might have been easier to drive on their heads?!
It's not only the MC that seem to haze themselves around here... We had two guests to the sim yesterday that ALSO hazed themselves LOL... After having been made to watch a certain video to be discussed later, Lilly proved that Girls just wanna have fun by introducing us to her friend LOL... Whilst Mongo - of DDMC - got into the spirit of the Gator Family, taking after HellBone he joined in the poop brigade!
Talking of which though, I have to point out that it isn't only the regulars that have been caught in the hazing this week LOL... Poor old Charlie, someone we see so little of, had a run in with the head of the poop brigade!
Thank you to KaraD and Ath for giving me photos this week, if anyone wants to share their pics with me to post here please feel free to! I LOVE to see your pictures as I'm sure everyone else does too... Just remember lil Gators, you never know who is watching with their camera at the ready!

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  1. There is a perfectly good reason i havent found that AFK board killer yet........i stopped for donuts.