Sunday, 31 May 2015

Ooooh is that a new Man?

It's been a while since I was able to introduce to everyone a new probie for the MC... We've had lots of people hanging around but yesterday one of those people took the plunge and had an interview with Tila to become our latest fresh meat!
Let me introduce you to contender75445 Resident - more easily known as Trig, thank goodness LOL - who stumbled upon our crazy family at the recent Rally we are hanging out at.
His scottish accent could make you go weak at the knees, and he has already proved himself to be a little bit of trouble - calling me a Gnome has gotten Lil ready to whoop his butt already LOL - but he seems to be a good Gator fit... He laughs along with the jokes about poop, can flirt like his life depends on it and given time I hope he feels at home with us!
Welcome to the crazy world of the Gators Trig... You think that the Gator looks good on your back now, you wait until you have a full patch honey... Let's get you that full patch!?!

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