Saturday, 2 May 2015

What a load of Poop?!

I think it has been far too long now since I have posted anything on the Gator Blog, and I have a massive collection of funnies to share with you, so maybe it's time I did post something huh?! Where to start, it feels like it has been AGES!!
I guess we should start with the reason I called the post the name I did...
HellBone became his theme song character this month... He is now the Great Mighty Poo, and yes he loves it and NO it hasn't stopped the pooping or the farting, he does it more now than ever!
HellBone and his "son" PandaAth have both taken to having a large poop friend to share their comfy chairs with... So as you can imagine - for anyone that's not a Gator that might be reading this - the MC clubhouse doesn't smell too sweet!
One of our newer members, Lily has also been making herself feel right at home... First she cuddled with some poop, then rode with poop of a different kind and finally went to feed the Gators!
In the meantime, we celebrated Easter with our very own favourite Easter Bunny... Boy the baby of the family sure looked cute as the Easter bunny lol...
HellBone and KaraD proved that no matter how drunk or crazy you are, you can still drive a motor vehicle... KINDA?!
Some of the Gator Boys - namely HellBone, Chopper and Athrun - proved that Gators can fly too!
Staying with the theme of Random HellBone today though, he did have more than a few moments of randomness that weren't inspired by POO! Unfortunately it did affect some of the others though... That poor cute little KaraD monkey only wanted a Banana - love the pick KaraD!! - and well Chopper still wanted to fly, and apparently Hell and Chopper had missed the bromance so us girls gave them a little privacy LOL...
As usual the crazy happens to all of us on the Gator sim... There must be something in the water, I swear!!
Athrun, MeGa and HellBone had a little tea party, then Ath was able to relive one of his favourite random videos the "Panda Sneeze" before a giant pair of Hell Tits took to the pole!!
It wasn't only the Gators that were affected by the madness though... Lily's man Marq was offered a ride on her bike and he found himself going a little bonkers - love the pink helmet Marq but I think that the goggles are much more necessary as you never know when she will take a short cut through the swamp LOL... Mongo caught HellBone's passion for poop too, or maybe it's me seeing as he was givin me a hug at the time, but he announced "Look Rudh, I'm Bullshit!" and even Shery - who has been around a long time now and therefore is as bonkers as the rest of us - went just that little bit crazier as she breastfed a green fox?!
AFK DICK TREE STRIKES AGAIN!!! It even caught HellBone, not once but twice TUT TUT HellBone!!
Then as Hell and I came back from our holiday we see that Dick Tree even caught us in our absence!! Never know where that little bastid will appear huh?! OH and Hell and I look so good after our vacation No?!
Keep sending me those random pictures, I need them when I cant catch them myself hehe... You never know who is watching so always do something silly!!!

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