Sunday, 5 July 2015

New Full Gators!

It's been a while since I wrote anything here, but we've all been off busy doing various things...
Lilian has been SO BUSY dealing with not just one but two prospects - not long after she was promoted to the rank of Mentor and whilst both Tila and I were away - that she may now deserve a rest...
Lil even had difficulty remembering which name went with which of her probies towards the end, but she did such a fantastic job getting them into fighting fit Gator shape!!
First Probie to get through was Kr1SFGF Resident, better known as Kris! He came to us through Solde and his first experience of the MC last Halloween was our haunted maze, but he slowly started coming back more and more, and now he can officially say he is part of our crazy family!
His prospecting time went well, Lilian said he was a sweetheart to work with, and I will once again point out that this one was a first for me... He's the only ever prospect that has shown he's already in Hell's Dark Side during the initial interview... Lil and I were taken to the bathroom with him!! It's a moment I won't forget LOL!!!
Gary Burton is our second Probie to earn his full patch... He didn't get a Prospect Photo as I was away on vacation during the majority of his prospecting period. He may however be familiar to you! Gary was a Gator until March 2015, but he needed to take some time out and slowly he realised he missed us and had to come back! It's good to have him back too, he has a way of making people laugh that's all of his own but he's got a good heart and we are so glad he came back to us!
Welcome to the family boys!!!

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