Monday, 31 August 2015

M and M Probies

We have not just one but two new prospects at the moment so once again Lil has her work cut out for her... This time she may find it a little easier than when she was confusing names of Kris and Gary but I still suspect she has her hands full!
MerielHayes Resident - aka Meri - came first... She has been a long time sister of KaraD, they have recently refound each other and it wasn't long before Kara was introducing Meri to everyone in the family. She fit in right away, jumping into craziness before secretly planning her revelation as a Prospect with a few of us to be the suprise that jumped from KaraD's Birthday cake in her vest! It was quite possibly the best introduction of a probie to the MC that we've ever had hehe...
Then a few days later Mongo Horberg decided to work for his Gator Patch. Mongo first met the Gators a few years ago whilst he was in another MC but it has been a few months now since he left them and started hanging out with us. Mongo - like Meri - seems to have no trouble fitting into the family... He and Hell are either brothers or dopplegangers it seems! He's felt like a part of the family for a long while!
Welcome to the family both of you, it's now official, we own your souls LOL...

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