Sunday, 30 August 2015

Where are the Gators?

A few weeks ago now HellBone and I spent some time dragging each and every member of the MC to various random locations across SL. This was a hush hush operation because for some reason we'd decided to make a crazy video of our crazy family...
Based on a video we'd seen on YouTube called "Where the hell is Matt?" - discovered by Lilian - we set out to ask the question, "Where are the Gators?" and wound up with some hilarious results!!!
If you haven't seen it... HellBone did share it in a recent past meeting... I wanted to share it here... So ladies and gents, where are the Gators?
Some of the locations had me in stitches, but I am proud to say that everyone managed to keep quiet about their locations until the movie was revealed! Well Done Guys!!
It was so funny to see KaraD in a place called "Get Fucked", and even funnier to see Fyre's realisation that we'd taken her to a place called "SSSH!" I tried to hand pick locations that fit the person we were dragging there... The fashionistas were dragged out shopping, people visited places that I knew matched their hobbies or jobs and MeGa even got to visit a place named and based upon his home in RL! Plus there were the places that caused a few issues on the griefing front... HellBone was wearing Gator jammies at Dirty Talk and almost got kicked out for it, and Gary... Well when we took Gary to the Men's Department the place was being griefed!!! LOL...
Making this was fun!!! Should we do more things like this??

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