Saturday, 12 September 2015

Patches Change

Today's meeting saw a few changes to the MC... Changes in rank and even a few new patches were handed out...
Rank wise, we had a promotion of one of the family to the rank of Enforcer...
Kris was promoted today, and will be given training and a month long probation period to test out his skills... It was agreed that he would make a fair and protective Enforcer. He has told us how he feels very loyal and wants to protect us, he's also wanting to help KaraD and take some of the burden from her! Good luck Kris!!
Solde also had a semi-promotion to the rank of Event Coordinator... Yes she was already in the position, but now it has been made an official officer position and she will be treated as any other officer of the MC!
Finally our lil probies have finally earnt their full patches!!! YAY!!
Meri was first and she has been a probie for a good few weeks now. She got through all of her tasks even though her time online was so different to Lil's and everything worked so smoothly that during her probie time that she flew through her final interview with flying colours!
Then Mongo was up... He had been hanging around for such a long time testing us to see if we fitted him that when the time was right it was perfect. He fits so well with the other Gator boys it's like a match made in heaven...
Welcome to the family guys and congrats to everyone who earnt a patch today!

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