Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Time for something a little silly...

Yes I need to clear out my folder so that I can make sense of all the crazy photos that I amass of you guys once again...
So let us head back to those crazy moments that you may have forgotten and that I may - or someone else may - have been lucky enough to catch on camera!!
Where to start?!
Let's start of with some ride related things this time around...
First up we had a ride recently, don't ask me where I cannot for the life of me remember, but they made us feel so welcome... There were fireworks in the sky, but then I guess that was a bit of a distraction so that we could get caught up in their crazy tornadoes! Was a great place to ride that one!!
Meri also got super excited a while back and sent me a photo of herself as the fastest bike on the track! I had to share, she'd worked so hard to get up there!!! YAY GO MERI!
Though it does look like she has a bit of competition on her hands, as it looks like the Doodie Men are ready to roll out!!
No wonder the poor Mr G seems to be going a bit crazy... Does he know that you're supposed to eat cheese not wear it?!
Those DoodieMen like to keep everyone entertained... Kris shaking his assets, showing us the chosen weapon of the DoodieMan... Hell pulling on a disguise so everyone knows that he's in charge but still trying to hide his secret DoodieMan and Mongo is well, he's just Mongo!
We've had some crazy fun field trips lately to Nightmares and Radio Stations, and it's great to see everyone dressing up and looking fun for the Halloween Season... Even if both Kris and MeGa are looking a little skinny at the moment hehe...
As per usual there has been some weird kinky craziness taking place in the family, but also as per usual it seems to be happening to the boys LOL... The girls never get caught on camera!
Just one more to share with you though, a closing note if you will... Our very own little ching chong Blakey is here to dance us out!!!

Saturday, 24 October 2015

New Vests for the Boys

Ladies of the Gators we have a bit of a problem... The boys of the MC are starting to compete with us to be the hotter sex in the MC lol... OK so it's not that much of a problem as we have lots of eye candy now but with their new vests... PHWOAR!!!
Let me show you...
The President - or as he calls himself, Fashionista - chose to have new vests for the boys due to the recent change over to Mesh Bodies that a lot of our boys have made...
Don't they look good girls?! We are so lucky to have this much eye candy around!!