Sunday, 10 January 2016

The last funnies of 2015

I have a few Gator funnies that I need to share here with you, as we're well in 2016 now and these are from the end of last year... Don't want to mix things up do we now hehe...
We received a brilliant Christmas present from Gary... A Truth or Dare table - even though he is now referring to it as a Lie or Dare table - and boy did the Adult version give us a few laughs. The PG version is fun too, but the Adult version made us all see certain members in a totally new light!
It seemed that Kris was picked on by the table a LOT, but perhaps that is because the table knew he secretly liked it hehe... It wasn't just the table that allowed us to get some interesting pictures of Kris though, his new favourite rock at the fire pit helped with that too!!
Although he wasn't the only one... Chopper has a new rock too! As well as a new look for 2016 I should add!
So does Mongo - the rock, not the new look! Although, he does seem to lose weight when he gets naked! I had to include one of my favourite pictures from the Christmas party here too... He asked all of us ladies for a dance, and HellBone had to help Fyre out just a little!!
There was one day, when we all became the King of the Day... Gary wasn't actually here for his Rez Day but thanks to an idea from Lil, we could still celebrate the king of the day's Rez Day without with real king!
OH, one last thing, and two more awesome photos to share...
Just a warning to any animals around the sim - or in fact anywhere that Gators may roam - avoid the Gators LOL...

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