Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Disturbed Gators!

This past weekend, we've had some fun events at the MC...
The street party on Sunday was one that HellBone and I missed, due to having a wasted day trying to fix my PC, but from what I hear it sounds like everyone had a good time... Everyone got to relax and let their hair down, and Blake was on top form entertaining everyone with his crazy antics!
On Saturday, however, we'd had another visit from Boomer and his team who put on a kick-ass Disturbed Concert!
Everyone seemed to have a great time, though there were few of us, and only a handful of guests, but a great show was put on, and it felt like we had our own private Disturbed Concert... It was a lot of fun!
I took so many pictures that night as always, but the one above sums things up for me, Hell and Mongo got "Down with the Sickness" hehe!!!

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