Thursday, 14 April 2016

Gary's Blue Birthday Party

Recently I was asked about the blog... I've been forgetting to keep it updated lately and it's pretty crap of me that I don't share all the fun goings on as often as we have them, especially since now we are going to be doing more fun things on a more regular basis... So my plan is that I will try to keep things updated - I cannot promise but I'm going to try! Yesterday was Gary's RL Birthday... Gary turned the grand old age of 31, and so a party was thrown for him...
He celebrated his birthday dressed as a "Blunicorn" - all thanks to a photo that Solde and I found online that we couldn't resist using in the d├ęcor...
Luckily for the rest of us though this pretty, pretty unicorn was kept under control - somewhat mesmirised it seemed - by the Good Bad Cop Tila!! Solde rocked the stream as the DJ, banning any requests for Justin Bieber - Gary's Personal Favourite Singer - and everyone got right into the Blue theme!!!
Happy Birthday for yesterday Gary! We hope that you enjoyed your party!

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