Monday, 25 July 2016

50 Shades of Solde

I mentioned in the last post that we have been rather busy at the Gators, and it was this past weekend that has been the busiest time of all...
Our awesome VP Solde celebrated a big birthday on Saturday - I'm not gonna say how old she was, but she's proud of it so if you want to know, ASK HER!
For her special Birthday, we organised not one, not two but 5 parties! Not that they were all HUGE parties but they were all equally fun and Solde loved them!
First there was a 1960's style, Woodstockish event we called Sodastock! With a brilliant performance by Boomer and the team of High Octane Tributes, as Nikki Sixx and Motley Crue! All of our guests wore white hair in honour of the Birthday Girl - which she didn't even notice until Kris pointed it out LOL...
Then for event two, Sussie took them to a neon lit, crazy golf game for a little crazy golf 80's style.
That was on Thursday... Moving on to Friday, we had THREE events to squeeze in to a little space of time!!
First there was a 1970's style Disco Bowling event... Everyone looked so CUTE! Sussie was able to bowl in roller skates, the boys had HUGE afros and well, Solde wore a LOT of pink!
I want to say that Birthday event 4 was a little easier but that would be wrong LOL... It was easier to plan yes, but it really did a number on the bunch of us that ran 2 - or 1 and a half in some cases LOL - laps around the Gator track on Granny rollers!
But it was the last event on Friday that had taken the most work to organise, this was the big one, the special one, the one that we'd all been waiting for!
Solde took a little trip to Oz!!
We knew this was her favourite movie, but to orchestrate a trip to Oz was tough... HellBone - with a little direction from Mongo - spent a couple of days creating an Oz ballroom! I had been searching for men's costumes before I found these awesome ladies costumes and arranged with Sussie and Lilian that we'd need to be the characters, and Mongo even made all of our visitors wear the little green hats!!! Even NEO - VP of H&H - who never takes his cowboy hat off wore a green hat!!
From all of the Gators, we hope that you had an awesome Birthday Solde...
Thank you for everything that you do for us!!! You deserved all of this and more! Though I will say, that from now on... You can plan the parties LOL...

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