Thursday, 25 August 2016

Judas Priest at the Gators

HellBone's Favourites took over the Swamp Airwaves on Saturday - the one that just passed not the one that is coming...
Judas Priest took to the stage, thanks to another of those amazing shows put together by Boomer Longspring and his team at High Octane Tributes!
As always it was a great show and HellBone seemed to love it more than normal! Boomer even made sure that his favourite, "Painkiller" was added to the set list! Thanks for that Boomer!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Evely Lane sings at the Gators

On Saturday we had a stand in performance from a very old friend of HellBone's and a new friend to the Gators MC... Evely Lane took to the stage in a special live performance...
Her dulcet tones drifted over the swamp and filled the airwaves, due to the unfortunate cancellation of our planned live singer for the evening, and she rocked the swamp for two whole hours.
As you can see though she wasn't always alone up there on the stage. She had the help of three - not-so-talented - backing dancers LOL...

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Trace got his Patch

Our latest Prospect is a Prospect no more... Yesterday - Saturday August 13th, Trace was finally able to pull on his big boy vest...
It really seems to suit him!
One of the boys from the start, Trace really made himself at home around the family, joining in on all the jokes, enjoying the tasks that we set for him and fully initiating himself into the Dark Side.
Welcome to the family Trace!!! YAY you made it!