Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Gator Maze Opens

We did it, it's FINALLY here... The Gator Halloween Maze 2016 has officially opened and we're all very excited that we've finally been able to open the doors to the public...
As is becoming a tradition, we celebrated the opening of the Gator Maze with a concert by the awesome Moon Spark.
She arrived and took to the trailer stage in the Pet Semetary, stopping for a quick bite to eat before she began to sing!
The place filled up pretty quick, and we had a large number of people that burst through the maze doors as it opened!
The Gators took their places and there were many great comments heard as people moved through the maze - the flow of people in was slow but steady and since we opened there have been people coming to the Gator sim all day!
Everyone did a great job of dressing up again this year too!!!
Personally though, I think the creepiest costume of the night was the one belonging to Mr. G...
Was he the Cat or the Hand, for those of you that don't know, he's the one making the rude hand gestures hehe...