Sunday, 27 November 2016

Gators give Thanks

Thanksgiving passed us by on Thursday, and although many of the MC are not American and do not celebrate the holiday, we decided to hold a little celebration Gator Style. It had to be something silly, that everyone would be able to laugh at and would enjoy spending time as a family in, hence why I made it Turkey Day!
We started off the event with a simple task to find our Turkey Names, which just for laughs I'll share with you now...
HellBone - Gobbler Cornucopia
Solde - Giblet Stuffington
Rudhmellowen & Misty - Butterball McTurkey
Gary - Gobbler Featherbottom
Kris - Drumstick Gravy-Train
Lilian - Drumstick Cornucopia
Blake - Yamy Wishbone-Jones
Trace - Giblet Gobblestein
If you weren't there but would still like to find your Turkey Name, all you need to do is go to the following website - - and so you know we used our Avatars first names as the initial!
Then we had a Gobble-Off... Everyone had to try to impress by doing the best impression of a turkey... There was tough competition for the victor, but in the end Lilian was crowned Turkey Gobble Champion!
HellBone even managed to record it... So...
That was followed by everyone sharing what they were thankful for... Then a Turkey Truth or Fowl Quiz! I learnt a lot in compling the quiz, things like you can tell the sex of a turkey by looking at the shape of it's poop, and Kris proved that he had the most knowledge when it comes to the stuffed bird!
So he won a fabulous t-shirt!
Lastly we had a Turkey Ride Out. Everyone was to ride on one of Hell's specially prepared Turkeys.
This counted as an official ride out, but apparently these turkeys are hard to corrall and  they went everywhere!!!
Most of all though it showed us that we're lucky to be part of such a crazy bunch and that is something worth being thankful over!!

Time for some Funnies!

It's been a long while since I actually posted any of the funnies that I have been collecting and now it feels like it's about the right time to do that... Basically because I need to clean up some of my folders on my desktop more than anything lol...
As per usual, there have been a lot of crazy goings on with the family...
Blake has a new job within the MC selling Weenies whenever we have a concert - if he's online of course!
As per usual poop was shared! Most of it involving HellBone in some way or another!
Though luckily Gary escaped that whilst he was trapped in the newly set out stocks for Naughty Gators! Don't ask me how he managed that by the way - I think HellBone was busy poopin on someone else!?!
Solde, on the other hand got a completely different seat. She mentioned to HellBone about a throne, and he decided the VP should have one too LOL...
Was a better throne than what could have been Hell's choice though...
But this time around, this post full of funnies, there is one Gator that will stand out for doing some crazy stuff... TRACE wins the crazy stuff of the last few weeks award!
After taking Rudh for not just one but two crazy rides, and breaking HellBone's new bike, Trace was also given the ride of his life by the new Gator Chippendales - HellBone and Gary...
Before he, along with HellBone and Lil, found something else that was new and even more disgusting to play with...
Yes that is a sanitary towel avatar! Yes there is also a tampon - our President!
If all that wasn't crazy enough for you, even our Probie was caught Planking!!!
Welcome to life at the Gators!

Another New Probie!!!

It's like waiting for a bus, you wait for a long time and then two come along at once! That's just what happened but for us it was Probies - not busses!
Yesterday - Saturday November 26th - we gave another Hangaround a damn good talking to and ended up with him slipping into one of those oh-so-attractive Probie vests that we have!
Jeffrey Kingsley - aka Jeff or Jeff-faa-faa - has slipped effortlessly from the role of Hangaround to Prospect as of yesterday, and we hope that for Christmas Santa can give him his full patch!! Sponsored by Kris, Jeff came to us through Misty and he wanted to be a part of the Gator family just like his big sister.
He seems kinda shy at the moment, but you know how the Gators can break someone out of their shell... Let's see how our new baby Gator grows!
Welcome to the family Jeff!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

A-MAZE-ING Movies...

Before the Maze HellBone, decided to create a movie as a teaser...
Then as the maze closed, a second was released...

A New Prospect...

We have a new Prospect at the Gators MC after so long... She's been a friend of the family for such a long time that she's always been a part of the Gator family but circumstances have changed and she is now free to be one of us!
We've known Misty - by we I mean HellBone and I - for a good few years now and she's one of those sweet caring souls that has a bit of a feisty side when needed... She seems like a perfect fit for the Gators. After resigning her position within the Mad Dawgs MC, Misty ventured off into some RL for a while and now that she's back, and the Mad Dawgs are on hiatus she's decided to step into the Gators MC and start working for her patch!!!

The Gator Maze Closes

The Gator Maze for 2016 has now officially closed... The month has flown by, and although it's kept us busy, what a month it has been!!
We've seen so many guests pass through the doors of the maze in Pet Sematary - many of those visitors that have enjoyed our Halloween events in the past - and the comments have been coming to us fast!
Let's take a little look back through the month and see what has been going on shall we?
You've already heard about the opening night, but let's take a closer look at the location...
The Start location itself was the Sematary, which lead underground into the maze like catacombs... Once the guests made it past the maze they would find themselves in the Gators MC Horror Rooms! Thirteen rooms based on some of our favourite horror movies;
IT, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambs, Wrong Turn, Children of the Corn, Chucky, The Ring, Carrie, The Shining, Saw and Friday the 13th all had starring roles in the maze this year. Rooms created by members of the MC, and all of the guests saying that they had a favourite room, none being more popular than the other.
As well as the scares we threw some awesome parties too...
Live performances by ML, Thera D and Moon Spark were popular with visitors, and the Halloween Party with guest performers Rob Zombie - the great Tribute Show of Rob Zombie!
The Gators seemed to really enjoy themselves in the maze this year... Crazy Costumes and fun times were had by all - Lil even managed to get a little scary!!
We had so many guests that enjoyed the maze this year, to close off the post I wanted to share a few of the best pictures from the year...