Sunday, 27 November 2016

Gators give Thanks

Thanksgiving passed us by on Thursday, and although many of the MC are not American and do not celebrate the holiday, we decided to hold a little celebration Gator Style. It had to be something silly, that everyone would be able to laugh at and would enjoy spending time as a family in, hence why I made it Turkey Day!
We started off the event with a simple task to find our Turkey Names, which just for laughs I'll share with you now...
HellBone - Gobbler Cornucopia
Solde - Giblet Stuffington
Rudhmellowen & Misty - Butterball McTurkey
Gary - Gobbler Featherbottom
Kris - Drumstick Gravy-Train
Lilian - Drumstick Cornucopia
Blake - Yamy Wishbone-Jones
Trace - Giblet Gobblestein
If you weren't there but would still like to find your Turkey Name, all you need to do is go to the following website - - and so you know we used our Avatars first names as the initial!
Then we had a Gobble-Off... Everyone had to try to impress by doing the best impression of a turkey... There was tough competition for the victor, but in the end Lilian was crowned Turkey Gobble Champion!
HellBone even managed to record it... So...
That was followed by everyone sharing what they were thankful for... Then a Turkey Truth or Fowl Quiz! I learnt a lot in compling the quiz, things like you can tell the sex of a turkey by looking at the shape of it's poop, and Kris proved that he had the most knowledge when it comes to the stuffed bird!
So he won a fabulous t-shirt!
Lastly we had a Turkey Ride Out. Everyone was to ride on one of Hell's specially prepared Turkeys.
This counted as an official ride out, but apparently these turkeys are hard to corrall and  they went everywhere!!!
Most of all though it showed us that we're lucky to be part of such a crazy bunch and that is something worth being thankful over!!

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