Friday, 20 January 2017

A New Probie!

We have a new face at the MC - well I say a new face, for most of us he's been around a while now - but there are still a few Gators that have yet to meet him. Thanks to our newest Fully Patched Gator - Misty - we have a new guy that has begun his prospecting period...
Brandon Bathori is the boyfriend of our lovely Misty, and after spending some quality time with the rest of us - his first visit to the MC got him riding around the track in HellBone's pussy - he decided he wanted to be a Gator himself.
Sponsored by Chopper - whoever approved that must have been bonkers by the way lol - he makes the Brit count in the MC rise to 3, and he seems to be a great fit for not just Misty, Chopper and the Brits amongst us but with everyone!
Not long now Brandon, I'm sure it won't be long till you get your Full patch.

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