Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Two Parties, One Weekend!!

The weekend just gone saw not just one but two Gator birthday's, and therefore two very different parties took place on the Gator Sim.
First of all was the HellBone's 40th Birthday Party... Boy did that turn out to be a real "Shitty" event...
Yes it was poop themed, for the Great Mighty Poo himself! The MC and all our guests spent a good couple of hours standing around in a giant turd while HellBone giggled like a happy school boy.
We even had some very special 'celebrity' guests...
A visit from DoodieMan - Chopper - and Crap Woman - Lil - who by the way Hell proceeded to mark as his own territory, while dressed like a little turd!
Then we had, a little more of a normalish special event for the lovely Lil, who celebrated another year older!
This was a special event that she had been asking for a while if we could arrange. Lil wanted Led Zeppelin, so we got her Led Zeppelin - thanks to Boomer and the high Octane crew!
We woke up the swamp with a rocking performance by Led Zepplin that had Lil trying to break her RL chair as she danced... I couldn't help but catch some pretty pictures of our Birthday girl enjoying the show...
Birthdays are always fun at the Gators!!!!

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