Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Breaking News...

Yes you heard it here correctly, Tila has come back to the Gators MC!!!
OK so I'm a little late with posting anything about it, and she has been back as a prospect since the last meeting over a week ago but in my defence I haven't been very well!
She's being Sponsored by HellBone - meaning she has to do well or the President will never live it down LOL  - but she's come back with the same kinda gusto she had before. Kicking butt, taking names and proving just how much she's missed the feeling of being at home!
One of our newer Prospect tasks was something that Tila really sunk her teeth into... Getting all the Gators to dress up a little crazy was easy, but getting them to dodge Zombies AND someone with cooties, well... that took skills...
Welcome back Tila, we're glad you're back with us, now let's finish off your prospecting, get you outta that stinky vest and into a big girl vest again!

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