Monday, 20 March 2017

Changes Changes Changes

We're had lots of changes after this past meeting and it's all good news for a change!
There have been promotions, rank changes and even FULL PATCHES, plus we have an old face back as a new Probie - but more about that later LOL...
For now let's talk rank changes shall we?
THE GATORS HAVE A NEW SGT@ARMS!!! It's been a while, HellBone was watching and waiting and finally he made a decision that he is very happy with.. So presenting the new Gators MC Sgt@Arms!
Yes, that's right GARY! Gary Burton is the new Sgt@ Arms for the Gators MC. He has really earnt this position, and after months of watching him, HellBone finally made his choice!
The other change in rank is for our other Enforcer...
Kris has been having massive PC troubles for a while now, and has been given the chance to try his hand at something new by the Executive. Kris from now on will be a new Road Captain, helping Senior RC G-Man by running a weekly American Time Zone ride, while Chopper carries on with the impromptu rides... MORE RIDES FOR EVERYONE!!! YAY!!
Ishtar and Anisa have been given their big girl vests and are now full patched members after two weeks of very hard work. Well Done to Mentor Lil and Sponsors Misty and Solde for getting these girls through, and ladies well done for working so hard and earning your patches. We're very proud of you, Welcome to the family!
There is someone else that is now Prospecting again, a familiar face that you may well remember, but more to come on that soon, I promise!

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