Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Movie Nights

Anisa is doing great as the new MC Event Co, trying to plan lots of fun things that we can do together as a family.
One of newest ideas was a Gators Movie Night, which will be held at least once a month, depending on the interest of the Gators and our Non-MC Friends.
We had a trial run to see how it worked last weekend...
A few of use sat around all comfy like to watch Suicide Squad.
Anisa had sent us a notecard with three options which we were allowed to vote for our option and the movie with the most votes would be played. Now a lot of members had seen the movie, but really enjoyed it, so it was chosen and we spent a few hours in the company of Headshot and Harley Quinn.
If you have any ideas for possible movie nights, please contact Anisa, and we will see what we do!?! Can't wait till the next movie night now!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

New Family Photos

The MC decided that they'd like a new family photo... The people in the old one had changed and some had left, we even had some new faces joining the ranks. So it was about time... This was the result. 
I hope that everyone likes it, and I'm sorry to Blake especially that I wasn't able to get him into the photo. Next time Blakey I promise... 
We're a very solid group now and it's great to see everyone together in a picture like this... 


LOL sorry I'm coming up with weird post titles today, blame it on all the chocolate!!!
At Saturday 15th's meeting, we had some big things to discuss... Members left us, and there were changes in ranks...
Chopper has now decided to step down as a Road Captain for personal reasons. He's going to remain in the MC, but with a hectic RL schedule coming up and the recent promotion of Kris he felt it was the right time to make the change. Who knows in the future he may take a new rank for a test ride, but for now he's gonna take it easy and just be a full patched member!
Tila was the other member that had a big change this week. She's not been back with us long, but due to the change in ranks for both Gary and Kris, we had an Enforcer position open. Tila will now be trained as a Gators MC Enforcer and is really looking forward to trying out that position. She know's what it takes to be a Gator Officer, she has been a Mentor before, but everyone agrees that Tila will be great in this position... Tila the pressure is on... Time to prove us all right hehe...

Walking like Egyptians

This past weekend has been fairly busy with Gatorish things, starting out on Friday night with the Birthday party of Gary... 
Celeste played a big part in helping to choose the theme for this event... It turned out to be a success and Gary really enjoyed himself. 
They even walked like Egyptians!! Thanks to Mr. G who shared with us his special dance, and then HellBone playing a certain song by the Bangles - which has been stuck in my head since the party! 

Monday, 10 April 2017

Chandra Deed at The Gators

Last Saturday was the first concert planned by our new Event Co, Anisa. 
We had a concert by the live performer Chandra Deed, a singer of an ecclectic collection of pop music. This was not someone that we'd ever had before at the Gators... 
Anisa's first event was a great success... Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and we were happy with the way Anisa promoted, organised and ran the entire thing! 
Chandra brought in a decent sized crowd and there were lots of people that seemed happy and enjoyed the show! 
Coming next week is movie night at the Gators, watch this space to see what we're all going to watch! 

Monday, 3 April 2017

Solde's Art Show

Very proud to share the information here for those of you that are interested to know about the Gallery Show of Solde's Landscape Art!
The show opens today, and to get there you need to go to the Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show.
I asked Solde how she felt about having her pictures in the show, she said "I am very proud to have my photography in this gallery showing with other talented photographers." She should feel proud, we're all very proud of her, and her pictures are very beautiful!!
Congrats Solde, you deserve it!

Changes and New Vests

This week at the meeting we had two big things in regards to vest changes to deal with...
First and foremost, one of our Full Patched Members made Solde very very happy... She no longer needs to do the work of both the VP and the Event Co-ordinator because *drum roll* WE HAVE A NEW EVENT CO!!!!
Anisa had been interested in this position since she was in her Baby Gator Probie vest, but after her patching she spoke with HellBone and Solde, and had a unanimous yes vote and will now be stepping into her officer role.
She comes with plenty of experience - managing her own events at her Krafties Auction Place as well as having plenty of experience as a great DJ. She's got contacts and lots of ideas so it seems that we could be on to some good things with Anisa - and Solde gets to have a bit of a rest now too!
Her first events are already being planned, we have a live performance on Saturday so let's just see how Anisa does and we wish you lots of luck Anisa!!!!
Then it's onto another New Vest, a new vest for an old face...
Tila took off her stinky Probie vest and slipped on something a little bit more comfortable this weekend. She's out of her prospect period and back to being a full patched member, and this time we hope that it's for good. After a very hard working two weeks - with a stay in hospital in between - Tila earnt her big girl vest once again and it's great to have you back with us Tila!!!!
Congrats Ladies, you both earnt your new vests...