Sunday, 16 April 2017


LOL sorry I'm coming up with weird post titles today, blame it on all the chocolate!!!
At Saturday 15th's meeting, we had some big things to discuss... Members left us, and there were changes in ranks...
Chopper has now decided to step down as a Road Captain for personal reasons. He's going to remain in the MC, but with a hectic RL schedule coming up and the recent promotion of Kris he felt it was the right time to make the change. Who knows in the future he may take a new rank for a test ride, but for now he's gonna take it easy and just be a full patched member!
Tila was the other member that had a big change this week. She's not been back with us long, but due to the change in ranks for both Gary and Kris, we had an Enforcer position open. Tila will now be trained as a Gators MC Enforcer and is really looking forward to trying out that position. She know's what it takes to be a Gator Officer, she has been a Mentor before, but everyone agrees that Tila will be great in this position... Tila the pressure is on... Time to prove us all right hehe...

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