Monday, 3 April 2017

Changes and New Vests

This week at the meeting we had two big things in regards to vest changes to deal with...
First and foremost, one of our Full Patched Members made Solde very very happy... She no longer needs to do the work of both the VP and the Event Co-ordinator because *drum roll* WE HAVE A NEW EVENT CO!!!!
Anisa had been interested in this position since she was in her Baby Gator Probie vest, but after her patching she spoke with HellBone and Solde, and had a unanimous yes vote and will now be stepping into her officer role.
She comes with plenty of experience - managing her own events at her Krafties Auction Place as well as having plenty of experience as a great DJ. She's got contacts and lots of ideas so it seems that we could be on to some good things with Anisa - and Solde gets to have a bit of a rest now too!
Her first events are already being planned, we have a live performance on Saturday so let's just see how Anisa does and we wish you lots of luck Anisa!!!!
Then it's onto another New Vest, a new vest for an old face...
Tila took off her stinky Probie vest and slipped on something a little bit more comfortable this weekend. She's out of her prospect period and back to being a full patched member, and this time we hope that it's for good. After a very hard working two weeks - with a stay in hospital in between - Tila earnt her big girl vest once again and it's great to have you back with us Tila!!!!
Congrats Ladies, you both earnt your new vests...

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