Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Movie Nights

Anisa is doing great as the new MC Event Co, trying to plan lots of fun things that we can do together as a family.
One of newest ideas was a Gators Movie Night, which will be held at least once a month, depending on the interest of the Gators and our Non-MC Friends.
We had a trial run to see how it worked last weekend...
A few of use sat around all comfy like to watch Suicide Squad.
Anisa had sent us a notecard with three options which we were allowed to vote for our option and the movie with the most votes would be played. Now a lot of members had seen the movie, but really enjoyed it, so it was chosen and we spent a few hours in the company of Headshot and Harley Quinn.
If you have any ideas for possible movie nights, please contact Anisa, and we will see what we do!?! Can't wait till the next movie night now!

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