Sunday, 14 May 2017

Baby Gators all grown up!

Yesterday we had a meeting, and it was the first of two special days this weekend! Today is a Gator Wedding, but yesterday was patching day for our baby gators...
First came Mas...
Mas was brought to us by Anisa -  and has shown that she has what it takes to be in the family. A little shy at times, Mas was a novice rider when she first started coming to the sim, but after a few lessons and LOTS of practice riding round and around the Gator track, she's going to be giving Gary some competition for the fastest lap times!
Then came Celeste!
She came to the MC through Gary, and unlike Mas she had had previous MC experience. Yet Celeste has always said that the Gators are a family, and now she´s happy to be able to say she´s a part of the family! Getting through her tasks at lightning speed, and even wanting more she definitely proved she has the Gator spirit!
Welcome to the family both of you and well done for earning your Big Gator Patches!!!