The Gators...

This is the list of MC Members, and if they have one, their rank within the Gators MC;
Kr1sFGF Resident aka Kris - Road Captain.
CelestinedeSantis aka Celeste - Full Patched Member.
Lilian Howley - Mentor / Recruiter.
Tila1984 Resident aka Tila - Enforcer.
Anisa Nadir - Event Co-ordinator.
ALUKA Resident - Full Patched Member. 

Chopper Mosely - Full Patched Member.
Dyke2311 Resident aka Mas - Full Patched Member. 
MaxwellHunt Resident aka Max - Full Patched Member. 
VioletAngelXII Resident aka Blake - Mentor / Recruiter. 

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