Who are the Gators MC?

Gators Mc is a small, very close knit family of men and women who love to ride, play, laugh and in some cases, work together as we journey down the highways of Second Life.

Unlike some other SL MCs, we do not try to model ourselves after any real life motorcycle clubs. We all come to this world for many different reasons, yet we are all seeking a fun and friendly atmosphere to relax in.

We may do things a little differently than what you are used to within the SL biker community and input from our members is always welcome. In other words, we listen to your questions, concerns, comments, suggestions and anything you want us to know. We do not have "Hang Around" positions and we understand that SL is not the same as the real world. Gators Mc is building on a reputation within the biker community of being a highly respectful, and highly respected, motorcycle club.

We strive to treat others better than we expect to be treated in return. We respect property when we are visiting sims and lands belonging to other MCs. We even build friendships and bonds outside the biker community with individuals and groups or clubs. We are not a role play club and to the best of our knowledge, we have no enemies. We do however have many allies and even more friends.

Prospects will be taught to ride so if you are new to the scene, you don't have to worry. We look after our own and no-one gets left behind. We will also teach you about the biker world here in SL and take you under our wing. Our members are willing to teach new members building, texturing, bike building, and anything else you wish to learn. We work together as well as play together. We don't claim to be experts at anything but we will help you learn what you feel will enhance your SL experience overall.

We do keep a maximum number of members. This will ensure the club stays small enough to avoid the cliques and smaller groups that can occur within larger MCs. It also ensures no-one is pushed aside or forgotten. All our members are very active and we do spend a great deal of time together. Once our maximum number is reached, no new members or prospects will be brought into the club.

We may be Gators but we don't bite, and we may even have cookies.


  1. RESPECT........ thanx for giving me a opportunity to be a part of GATORS

  2. Been great getting to know some of you guys.

    Phydeau Borealis, ADMC Sgt @ Arms